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Artist Biography

Guillaume Azoulay


Born in Casablanca in the forties, Guillaume Azoulay moved to Paris in his teens, thereafter he embarks on a Kerouac-ian globe trot. Guillaume Azoulay, self taught, imminently and eminently motivated, transcends the faddish and the pretentious, his art is far from quotidian. His style is so unique, it is instantly paired with his name, unmistakably so. The variety of approaches he conceives makes his journey distinctive. A horse is a horse is a horse ... his horses, dancers, figures are treated as graphic landscapes. Hooves, heads, manes, limbs, are so many hills and valleys. Shaded glades are evoked by the manipulation of parallel lines theatrically meandering, running close at times then separating to mimic the topography of some lost geography. His colors are the refraction of light after a downpour, rainbow like. They pick up the threads of his linear tale and weave them into a solid cloth. His portraits are obviously another cherished venue, exuding a compelling truth and yet so patently his in style and concept. Internationally appreciated and collected, his work adds an important dimension to any art collection. Accolades and decades of fame notwithstanding, Guillaume Azoulay still refers to himself as an "artisan".

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